Manufacturers’ Workshops Tier B

Manufacturers’ Workshops Tier B
Wednesday, September 25: 10:30 AM  – 12:30 PM

The following Tier B Workshops run concurrently within this track.

Management of the Lower Extremity Through the Use of Custom AFOs, SMOs, & FOs!
Orthotists and Pedorthists, you will want to join us! We will cover the most common indications for use of custom AFOs, and which AFO style may best address those indications.  We will also provide valuable information on addressing our patients at risk for falls, and show some new product styles.  Finding the best shoe to wear with an AFO can be challenging. You will gather useful information on footwear selection and modifications that may greatly enhance the overall effectiveness of an AFO.  AFOs, footwear and foot orthotics, what more could you want?

Case by Case: Brace Selection Practicum (Part 2)
Cascade Dafo
Most of us learn best by doing, by putting theory into practice. In this advanced workshop there will be multiple opportunities for discussion and shared expertise, as we follow a patient’s case study over the course of several years. We’ll also watch patient videos and match them with appropriate brace styles, and share our best practices for working with children. Along the way, you’ll hone your assessment skills and learn about new DAFO products. (This workshop is recommended for those with experience using DAFOs in their practice. For a refresher on the basics, complete our Intro to Dynamic Bracing course series online.)

Spine: Continuum of Care
Össur Americas Inc.
Join us to learn about the latest advancements in spinal bracing technology by Össur.  This session will highlight the new Miami J Select and Miami TLSO platforms that support diverse clinical protocols. Attendees will have opportunity to interact with products and accessories to deepen their level of understanding of these exciting advances and review their place in the Spine Continuum of Care.

Marlo Ortiz Presents the MAS Socket 2.0 Updated Approach to Promote Increased Control and Function for the Trans-Femoral Amputee (Part 2)
ST&G USA Corporation
Hear about a whole new approach to fitting a MAS Socket utilizing a new measurement system and process. The MAS Socket 2.0 offers improved adjustable superior anatomical control and bony lock, and discussion regarding custom fabrication options. ST&G also unveils a new functional articulating foot and reintroduces the Sensor Knee.

Carbon Composite AFO Management in Elite Athletes from a Physicians Perspective
Allard USA
Learn tips and techniques to assist with the optimization of the performance, comfort and longevity of dynamic response composite AFO’s in relation to their use on elite athletes with varying deficits.  This hands-on workshop will include physician evaluation and demonstrations from Para-Olympian athletes.  Gain insight into evaluation and other considerations using carbon composite devices when working with athletes of any level.

Motion Control Upper Extremity Components with TASKA® Certification (Part 2)
Motion Control, a division of Fillauer
This workshop is a continuation of the previous 8:00-10:00 workshop.  Attendance at both sessions is required for Taska Certification. Motion Control will discuss myoelectric control and adjustment with the iOS (Apple) based User Interface and the Taska hand. TASKA is the most robust multi-articulating hand on the market, AND it is water-resistant!  Learn more about the features of the Taska hand and the simplicity of the User Interface.

The New C-Brace®. Step Into the Future.™
Learn more about C-Brace, the world’s first mechatronic stance and swing phase control orthosis system, which controls both the stance and swing phase hydraulically with microprocessor sensor technology. Discover what the new C-Brace has to offer, including the sleek diagnostic trial tool. Gather tips on patient selection, casting techniques, and final fittings. Encourage and inspire your patients to walk normally and safely, and live life more fully.

Socket Selection Criteria and Alignment Considerations (Part 2)
Alps South
Get an overview into the selection of the type of socket and interface in relation to stump shape, tissue type, components, and projected vocation along with alignment considerations.

SmartSoc Scanning Technology: Cranial and Prosthetic Modules
Orthomerica Products Inc.
The SmartSoc scanning system accelerates patient care by obtaining accurate 3D models, and providing a secure and HIPAA compliant pathway for the transmission of electronic data. To date, two modules have been developed: (1) cranial and (2) lower limb prosthetics. The measurement comparison utility (MCU) provides clinical outcome data by comparing scans over time to document changes in both shape and volume. Consecutive scanning sessions are used to accurately monitor and report changes secondary to growth, edema, atrophy, changes in muscle tone and other factors. Comparative reports support the efficacy of the treatment program and the justification for device replacements.

Townsend SpryStep AFO Series
Townsend Design / Thuasne USA
This course explores the Townsend range of composite OTS and custom SpryStep AFOs which address a wide variety of biomechanical deficits impacting patient gait, safety and quality of life.  Townsend CPOs will discuss material science, macro geometry and micro geometry that influence the function, durability and elegant cosmesis of these orthoses. Clinicians attending this course will have increased ability to accurately assess biomechanical deficits and select the SpryStep model that optimizes mobility and compliance.