Manufacturers’ Workshops Tier A

Manufacturers’ Workshops Tier A
Wednesday, September 25: 8:00 – 10:00 AM

The following Tier A Workshops run concurrently within this track.

Improving Myoelectric Control with the Alpha® Liner
WillowWood has created an upper-extremity Alpha Liner with integrated electrodes that is compatible with Coapt’s Complete Control technology. This new, off-the-shelf, liner enhances myoelectric prostheses by offering superior comfort, better control through consistent electrode-skin contact, improved suspension, and expanded socket design options.  Topics to be covered in this workshop include patient criteria, liner sizing, electrode pattern options, casting and modification considerations, and goals for the check socket fitting.

Case by Case: Brace Selection Practicum (Part I)
Cascade Dafo
Most of us learn best by doing, by putting theory into practice.  In this advanced workshop there will be multiple opportunities for discussion and shared expertise, as we follow a patient’s case study over the course of several years. We’ll also watch patient videos and match them with appropriate brace styles, and share our best practices for working with children. Along the way, you’ll hone your assessment skills and learn about new DAFO products. (This workshop is recommended for those with experience using DAFOs in their practice. For a refresher on the basics, complete our Intro to Dynamic Bracing course series online.)

Enhancing the Safety and Function of the TF Amputee Using a 4-Bar MPK presented by PROTEOR USA (Includes ALLUX Certification)
Take an in-depth look at the ALLUX MPK.  Learn how this unique combination of 4-bar geometry and microprocessor control provides unmatched versatility and safety for TF amputees.  This course will include live demonstration and programming of the knee and all attendees will be ALLUX Certified upon completion.

Marlo Ortiz Presents the MAS Socket 2.0 Updated Approach to Promote Increased Control and Function for the Trans-Femoral Amputee (Part 1)
ST&G USA Corporation
Hear about a whole new approach to fitting a MAS Socket utilizing a new measurement system and process.  The MAS Socket 2.0 offers improved adjustable superior anatomical control and bony lock, and discussion regarding custom fabrication options.  ST&G also unveils a new functional articulating foot and reintroduces the Sensor Knee.

Your SurePath™ to 3D Printing
Is a 3D printing solution finally faster, better or cheaper? What are the steps to prepare my facility for 3D printing, and how do I ensure success when implementing a 3D printing CAD/CAM solution? Find out answers to these questions and more at Vorum’s workshop.

Motion Control Upper Extremity Components with TASKA® Certification (Part 1)
Motion Control, a division of Fillauer
Join Motion Control for a fact filled four hours of the latest in Upper Extremity Prosthetics.  We will present the NEXO system, the latest in lightweight, easy-to-fabricate, body powered prostheses. Motion Control will discuss myoelectric control and adjustment with the iOS (Apple) based User Interface and the Taska hand. TASKA is the most robust multi-articulating hand on the market, AND it is water-resistant!  Learn more about the features of the Taska hand and the simplicity of the User Interface. Attendance for the entire course, including the next session, will be required for TASKA certification.

Triple Action® 101: Theory of Operation, Fabrication and Basic Applications
Becker Orthopedic Appliance Co.
The Triple Action® ankle joint was developed to enhance the clinical impact of orthotic care by enhancing the tuning of ankle and knee stability for patients with Stroke, CP, MS and other conditions.  This introductory program provides a functional overview, key aspects of fabrication and clinical applications of this unique orthotic component. Learn how the Triple Action design isolates the influence of ankle alignment, active resistance and ankle range of motion to give the orthotist a clinical tool to help optimize orthotic care for their patients.

Socket Selection Criteria and Alignment Considerations (Part 1)
Alps South
Get an overview into the selection of the type of socket and interface in relation to stump shape, tissue type, components, and projected vocation along with alignment considerations.

Addressing Challenging Patient Profiles with Multidurometer Orthotic Designs
Orthomerica Products Inc.
The Fuzion™ system addresses challenging presentations providing soft stability and comforting compression. Orthotic clinicians are able to provide Fuzion designs as preemptive solution for at-risk patients preventing sensitization of the nervous system to the forces and control required addressing motor dysfunction and skeletal deformity. Optimal patient care programs include five key areas: (1) custom, (2) comfort, (3) control, (4) compression, and (5) compliance. The Fuzion system is designed to address needs of challenging patients with difficulties acclimating to traditional plastic orthotic designs. This presentation will cover use of foam-enhanced orthotic products, their effects on children with spasticity, pain and heightened sensitivities.

Naked Prosthetics
Naked Prosthetics
This workshop will be a discussion and live patient demonstration of our mechanical partial hand prostheses. Ninety-two percent of all UE amputations occur at the fingers, and most are working age men. We design solutions that are robust enough for both self-care and returning to manual labor jobs. We will discuss our technology, user needs and uses, and outcomes. We will also cover sizing, fitting, and common questions.