Manufacturers’ Workshops Tier E

Manufacturers’ Workshops Tier E
The following workshops in Tier E run concurrently within this track.
Wednesday, September 26 1:00 – 5:00 PM

Socket Selection Criteria and Alignment Considerations (MWE-1)
Sponsor: Alps South LLC
Review an overview into the selection of the type of socket and interface in relation to stump shape, tissue type, components, and projected vocation along with alignment considerations.

Stance Control Orthotic Application in Chronic and Acute Patient Applications (MWE-2)
Sponsor: Becker Orthopedic Appliance Co.
Chronic and acute patient categories present unique practitioner challenges in the use of stance control technology. Success has been directly linked to a physical trial with an evaluation orthosis. In this approach, a practitioner can ascertain if any physical restraints exist from the late effects of a neuromuscular deficit in chronic patients. In acute cases, the practitioner can initiate the task of gait retaining and determine if sufficient muscular strength exits for the patient to initiate over the ground weight bearing. In either category patients undergo a physical challenge through the use of the trial orthosis and if successful can transition to a custom device. The workshop will cover the unique physical limits of acute and chronic application and a practicum on the use of the PreStride immediate fit stance control orthosis.

Motion Control Upper Extremity Components with TASKA® Certification (MWE-3)
Sponsor: Motion Control, a division of Fillauer
Join Motion Control for a fact filled four hours of the latest in Upper Extremity Prosthetics.  We will present the NEXO system, the latest in lightweight, easy-to-fabricate, body powered prostheses. Motion Control will discuss myoelectic control and adjustment with the iOS (Apple) based User Interface and the Taska hand. TASKA is the most robust multi-articulating hand on the market, AND it is water-resistant!  Learn more about the features of the Taska hand and the simplicity of the User Interface. Attendance for the entire course will be required for TASKA certification.

The New C-Brace®. Step Into Your Future™. (MWE-4)
Sponsor: Ottobock
Learn more about the new C-Brace, as well as Ottobock’s other innovative KAFO solutions. Discover what the new C-Brace has to offer, including the sleek diagnostic trial tool. Gather tips on device selection, casting techniques, and final fittings. Encourage and inspire your patients to walk normally and safely, and live life more fully.

Townsend AFO & KAFO Innovations (MWE-5)
Sponsor: Townsend Design  (Thuasne USA)
Which supplier do you turn to for your most complex mobility or anatomical challenges? Townsend has carved out a niche in the O&P industry for being a go-to source for carbon graphite lower extremity specialty braces. The company is now producing amazingly lightweight composite KAFOs and AFOs. The SpryStep family of OTS AFOs have rocketed in popularity this past year and are now available in custom versions. The proprietary manufacturing processes to make these AFOs has been blended with the company’s historically-stellar Air Townsend knee brace to create the Dynamic KAFO. Featuring a signature posterior lateral strut position, this KAFO – like the SpryStep AFOs – fits more easily into shoes and is incredibly durable, cosmetically superior, and immediately impressive to referring physicians. Utilizing case studies and his personal experiences as a CPO, Townsend’s clinical educator, Will Cox, masterfully merges the art and science of complex lower extremity bracing.